Writing New Drum Scores

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At the moment I seem to spend lots of time in my conservatory writing new drum scores and it amazes me how fast the hours fly in when you are composing and being creative !

Have just about finished writing a six parted Strathspey : Atholl Cummers (based on Alex Connell’s score formerly of Strathclyde Police Pipe Band)  and now moving onto the reel: Mrs McPherson of Inveran.

No rest for the wicked as after that I have a drum salute and two other reels to write as well as fine tuning the scores to the medley !

Also If I get a chance I want to catch up with the drum tutor book I started writing approximately two months ago but somehow find myself having to put this aside  to work on other things.

I also have a Pipe Band Drumming Workshop coming up mid February and hoping to put some drumming students through the Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association Pipe Band Qualification : Level 1.


Hello Pipe Band Drummers !

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It’s good to have a wide selection of drum scores for parades and street marches so came up with this 6/8 March to add to our/your repotoire !

So get your drum sticks out and give it a shot ! Notice there are quite a few “swiss Ruffs” in there too so practice slowly at first so that you can play in time and accurately ! Have fun : )